Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Simple Strapless Wedding Dresses

A white wedding dress, or the traditional wedding dress, represents the bride's purity before marriage. For some people, a simple white wedding dress is more than enough while for others, adding a touch of other colors brings more meaning to the wedding ceremony.

Here are some simple yet elegant strapless wedding dresses I discovered from

Princess Strapless Chapel Train Chiffon Wedding Dress

Simple Strapless Wedding Dress

Fabric: Chiffon
Embellishment: Embroidery

Simple Strapless Wedding Dress

Fabric: Chiffon
Embellishment: sash

Simple Strapless Wedding Dress

Fabric: Chiffon
Embellishment: Embroidery

Have an elegant silhouette with these simple bridal gowns, gently tailored for the comfort and style of the bride!

Empire SweetHeart Chapel Train Chiffon Wedding Dress

Simple Strapless Wedding Dress

Fabric: Chiffon
Embellishment: Beaded

Empire Strapless Sweep Train Chiffon Wedding Dress

Simple Strapless Wedding Dress


These two empire style wedding dresses can surely bring out your lovely curves! Perfectly creates the illusion of length on a petite-figured bride or is similarly flattering to the fuller-figure bride.

Princess Strapless Chapel Train Satin Wedding Dress

Simple Strapless Wedding Dress

Fabric: Satin
Embellishment: Embroidery

Simple Strapless Wedding Dress

Fabric: Satin

Simple Strapless Wedding Dress

Fabric: Satin
Embellishment: Embroidery

Flaring from the shoulders down! Whether your petite, tall or has flattering curves that needs to be covered, these bridal gown designs will fit perfectly to your body, adding fullness for tall brides, length for petite brides, and a stunning silhouette for the full-figured brides.

Princess Strapless Chapel Train Tulle Wedding Dress

Simple Strapless Wedding Dress

Fabric: Tulle
Embellishment: Lace Sash

Princess Strapless Chapel Train Lace Wedding Dress

Simple Strapless Wedding Dress

Fabric: Lace
Embellishment:Embroidery and hand-made flower

Still feeling a bit unsure to what style of wedding dress to choose? Actually it doesn't matter whether you want a simple or dramatic wedding dress on your big day, what's important is your tailor. It doesn't matter if you use the most expensive cloth for your gown if the your tailor is not an expert. So choose wisely, even cheaper types of cloth can be as elegant-looking as these wedding dresses if you have a professional tailor.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

An Elegant Bridal Dress

Category: Wedding Dresses

Just found this elegant looking bridal dress from - a discount shop for wedding dresses, accessories, invitation cards, as well as bridesmaid dresses. I believe they offer 20-50% less for designer gowns! For me, well, the world today isn't getting any easier, it's much better to be practical than getting buried paying up loans just because you wanted to have your dream wedding.

Cheap/Simple Wedding Dresses

Although a simple wedding dress is cheaper, it's still worth to try to copy the designer gowns you long to have for your big day. All you need to do is find a reliable tailor that will do it for you. So be smart, when ordering/buying anything from the internet, it's always a good way to research first on that product or service you want to purchase, especially the background of that seller. You don't want to end up paying for something you don't want, or worse, getting your credit card info stolen and used by others.

Guess what? not only do they offer discounted wedding dresses, they also have a Bridal Gown Preservation service! Kinda cool huh? I think I would love to have my wedding dress to be preserved after I use it. 

Anything Bridal is located at Broadview Heights, Ohio (Cleveland).

Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Really Weird Wedding Cake!

Category: Weird Wedding Cakes

I heard about matching the color/theme of the bride's dress to her wedding cake, but never like this! Yeah, it's a bit of a shock to me too. The bride must have wanted her Wedding Cake to be unique and cannot be copied by any baker.

Weird Wedding Cakes and Toppers

I think I couldn't eat one like this, a really weird wedding cake indeed! But hey, with this design, who needs those tiny bride and groom wedding cake toppers?

Weird Wedding Cakes and Toppers

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Unusual Wedding Cake Toppers (Sports Edition)

Category: Unusual Wedding Cake Toppers

Check out some of these sports-inspired wedding cake toppers from - the online store for all your wedding needs at an affordable cost! It sure looks good seeing weird-looking wedding cake toppers rather than the boring traditional ones, but hey, the traditional toppers are still the best because they embody the true meaning of a wedding.

Unusual Wedding Cake Toppers Sports Edition: SkiingUnusual Wedding Cake Toppers Sports Edition: Golf

Unusual Wedding Cake Toppers Sports Edition: Baseball

If you want to have these toppers on top of your wedding cake, is located at 450 Hillside Dr. Bldg. B Suite 200 Mesquite, NV. Give them a haller for sports-inspired wedding cake toppers.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Weird Wedding Cakes!

These has got to be the weirdest, yet cool-looking, wedding cakes I've ever seen. In what other way can a couple best describe their love than showing it off on their wedding cakes!

Wedding Cakes

It's what we see, and eventually eat, after every wedding ceremony, topped with cute small models of the bride and groom called the wedding toppers. It's a tradition for us Christians to serve large cakes, multi-layered or tiered, covered with lots of icing at wedding receptions.

As white or sometimes silver a wedding cake has to be, it's supposed to represent the purity of the bride, taking away sexual implications and decorous purity of the bride at marriage.

The classic form had three sources, the use of loaves at Christian marriage rites, the appearance of "subtleties" and later sugar sculpture in medieval and Renaissance banquets in Europe, and the development of the English form of the substance "cake," mainly in the seventeenth century.

Well these weird wedding cakes sure says a lot more about the bride and the groom! Have fun laughing!

Weird Wedding Cakes - the bride and the groom in the middle of a shootout?Weird Wedding Cakes - it's under the sea wedding! or is it lost in paradise cake?
 Weird Wedding Cakes - congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Duck? the cake looks like a pile of veggies...Weird Wedding Cakes - now this is hilarious! what were the couple thinking when they decided on this wedding cake?

Weird Wedding Cakes - a really bloody wedding cake if you ask me!Weird Wedding Cakes - eeekkk... a deer's head as a cake topper? creepy and ugly!
Weird Wedding Cakes - now this cake reminds me of the movie Mr. and Mrs. SmithWeird Wedding Cakes - this has got to be the ugliest wedding cake I've ever seen in my entire life!
Weird Wedding Cakes - need I say? It's ugly, doesn't look like a wedding cake, and I wouldn't definitely not use this cake for my weddingWeird Wedding Cakes - I call this, the wedding cake disaster! hahaha...
Weird Wedding Cakes - A Kingkong-inspired wedding cake, how ugly!Weird Wedding Cakes - Ahahaha!! Finally, Frankenstein found his bride!
Weird Wedding Cakes - I don't even know what this is! Is that Obi One?Weird Wedding Cakes - Look sweety! It's a Starwars wedding cake!

Weird Wedding Cakes - Now that's a cool wedding cake!
Weird Wedding Cakes - I don't know what this one is called, but it's just so wrong
Weird Wedding Cakes - Wow! Now this one's pretty amazing to me!
Weird Wedding Cakes - I don't quite understand the meaning of this wedding cake
Weird Wedding Cakes - This one doesn't look like a wedding cake at all. It looks like a bunch of muffins and cupcakes at a kid's birthday party (with a stupid looking topper)

Pretty cool, funny and totally weird wedding cakes! Sure some of them looks cool, but I wouldn't want any of these cakes to represent me on my wedding day. Would you?