Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Cute Pacman Wedding Cake

Category: Geeky Wedding Cakes

Here's a simple and cute Pacman wedding cake you're gonna love! So, all Pacman lovers out there, here's a nice cake to inspire you if you're planning for a geeky wedding of your own.

Packman Wedding Cake [Geeky]
Yet another one for my Geeky Wedding Cakes collection!

The History Beyond This Cake

The creator of this Pacman wedding cake is the groom's best friend, along with the bride-to-be, they've decided to have this cake for the wedding.

The groom is a Pacman master and the blue and yellow on the cake matches the wedding colors. Not to mention, the creator of this cake had made a crappier version of the Pacman cake for the groom years ago for his birthday.

The groom sure is lucky to have such a great friend and bride to pick the perfect cake for him!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hello Kitty Wedding Gowns

Category: Weird Wedding Dresses

Far to the east of Earth is Japan, the proud creator of Sanrio's Hello Kitty. Let's admit it, Hello Kitty is kinda cute, but how far would Hello Kitty lovers go just for their beloved Sanrio character? Well, here's an interesting story, they've created Hello Kitty wedding gowns too! And it's filed under my "Weird Wedding Dresses" collection. Sorry for the Hello Kitty lovers out there, I've got no issues with Hello Kitty, but this is way too far.

Weird Wedding Dresses - Hello Kitty

Weird Wedding Dresses - Hello Kitty

Weird Wedding Dresses - Hello Kitty

Weird Wedding Dresses - Hello Kitty

Weird Wedding Dresses - Hello Kitty

If you're planning to have a Hello Kitty themed wedding, here's a matching tuxedo for your husband-to-be! I'm just not sure if he'll like it though, better ask first, you wouldn't want a World of Warcraft themed wedding arranged by him without your consent, unless you're also as WOW enthusiast.

Weird Wedding Dresses - Hello Kitty Tuxedo

Weird Wedding Dresses - Hello Kitty TuxedoWeird Wedding Dresses - Hello Kitty Tuxedo

Resource: Sanrio Town Blog

Monday, May 31, 2010

Wedding Myths: Good Luck and Bad Luck

These are wedding myths that has been passed down for generations, and probably will be for many more generations to come. As many brides-to-be would want their wedding day to be perfect, since it's the most special day of their entire lives, they follow some of these myths not because their afraid of it due to the "bad luck" it brings, but because some wedding myths also brings "good luck" to newly weds.

Even though there's no scientific proof to these wedding myths and superstitions, it never hurts to try a few of them, and besides, it's for the better (or best) that both the bride and groom wishes on their day of marriage.

Here are some of the Wedding Myths and Superstitions that has both good luck and bad luck versions:

Wearing of Pearls
wedding myths - waering pearlsMany believed that the wearing of pearls represents future tears, thus if the bride wears them, she'll shed tears in her entire marriage. On the other hand, since pearls represents future tears, other people believe that by wearing them, the pearl takes the place of the bride's real tears, so she'll be living a happy, tear-free marriage.

Rain on the Wedding Day
If it rains on the wedding day, some says that it is good luck because it represents a fertile crop or the coming of children to the marriage. In contrast, some people believe that if it rains on the wedding day, it represents the tears the bride will shed throughout her married life.

Dropping of the Wedding Ring
Here's another wedding myth that has both good and bad luck attached to it. As the superstition goes, dropping the wedding ring or rings, is believed to shake off evil spirits, therefore being lucky for the bride and groom. However, others believed that who ever drops the wedding ring or rings shall be the first person to die among the people who attended the wedding, making it a very bad luck.

Below are some of the well known wedding myths that brings nothing but bad luck to the marriage:

wedding myths - the wedding dressThe Wedding Dress
The bride should not make her own wedding dress, according to the wedding myth, every stitch the bride sews she will shed one tear during her marriage. Wearing the entire wedding outfit (dress, veil, shoe and jewelry) before the day of the marriage is forbidden as it will bring bad luck for the bride.

Having the Same First Letter of Surnames
"A change of name and not of letter Is a change for the worse and not the better." It is considered unlucky for the bride if she marries a man having a surname that begins with the same first letter as hers.

Lending The Wedding Ring
The wedding ring is considered sacred for the bride and groom, therefore, it must not be lent to others as is may bring bad luck to the marriage, and worse, the possibility of unfaithfulness.

Other wedding myths:

wedding myths - the wedding ringsRemoving the Wedding Ring
If the bride removes her wedding ring, it is believed that the groom must be the one to return it to her finger to continue the good luck.

The Shoe (Father of the Bride)
As the story goes, the way I heard it, the father of the bride will pass on one of the bride's shoe to the groom which signifies that the father is giving his daughter away in marriage.

The Shoe (Mother of the Groom)
It is considered good luck for the mother of the groom to throw a shoe at the bride as the newly weds leave the reception. That way, the mother-in-law and the bride would forever be the best of friends.

wedding myths - throwing riceThrowing Rice
Throwing rice at the newly weds represents fertility and fruitfulness, but today, it is rarely done to weddings due to the the urban legend that the birds who eat the rice will have stomach ache and probably explode. Of course, that is not true! But there are people who uses petals, blowing bubbles, and sometimes throw bird seeds instead of rice.

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue and A Silver Sixpence in her Shoe!
This wedding myth is probably still the one that most brides-to-be do at their wedding day. The "something old" is a thing that represents the bride's past or her family, wearing a jewelry of her grand mother or mother is usually chosen as something old; The "somethings new" represents the bride's adulthood, and it is the wedding dress that is usually chosen as something new; The "something borrowed," believed by many, is borrowing something from a happy married couple (usually a family member) so that good luck will be bestowed upon the wedding day; The "something blue," has been in use since Victorian times, the color blue symbolized purity, constancy and fidelity; Lastly, the "Silver Sixpence in her Shoe" represents wealth and financial security. Nowadays, sixpence is no longer common, so most brides would either purchase a symbol of this item from bridal shops or place a penny in their shoe instead.
wedding myths - something old, new, borrowed, blue, & and a sixpence in her shoe

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Super Mario Wedding Cakes

Should I say, It's a gamer's dream or fantasy? To me it looks both a dream and a fantasy. These cute and yummy looking Super Mario Wedding Cakes aren't just made to impress the guests, but more of a symbolic thing for the bride and groom. Many wedding ceremonies these days are going for the non-traditional one, why? Because the bride and groom wanted to be unique, not to be judged or boast about their luxury, but to show to the world that their eternal love holds a very special bond that's beyond the ordinary.

Check out this first cake posted on flicker by alttxt. It was made by Robin of Gateaux Inc. in Minneapolis. This dream cake almost did not came true because the groom couldn't find the little Princess figure. Luckily, through months of searching, the bride found a set of Japan's "Nintendo Club" figures on eBay!

Super Mario Wedding Cakes
Super Mario Wedding CakesSuper Mario Wedding Cakes
Super Mario Wedding CakesSuper Mario Wedding Cakes

The next Super Mario Wedding Cake below was actually inspired by the first one (above). A 100% edible Chocolate Decadence Cake (black chocolate cake filled with bittersweet chocolate ganache, chocolate buttercream and chocolate mousse) that best fitted both the bride and groom's wedding! Made by "Let Them Eat Cake" in California, posted on flicker by M.A.L. The cake's elements were inspired by multiple Mario Kart games and some from the Super Mario Bros. games.

I have to say, among the other Super Mario inspired wedding cakes, this one's my favorite! Looks heavenly!

Super Mario Wedding Cakes
Super Mario Wedding CakesSuper Mario Wedding Cakes
Super Mario Wedding CakesSuper Mario Wedding Cakes
Super Mario Wedding Cakes

Take a good look at this next cake, looks familiar? Well it does of course! It's similar to Super Mario Kart Wedding Cake above. I found this gorgeous looking cake at Kotaku, posted by Michael Fahey.

I had found pics of a very similar cake online, and it inspired me to create my own Mario cake and surprise my groom on our wedding day (November 5th).

I'm not really sure what the bride means here, but her cake sure looks like the one above. Anyway, they both look heavenly!

My groom is a professional video gamer, and his favorite game is Mario cart. We were married in Vegas, so I had the bottom tier a desert theme, and I went with the old school Peach Castle rather than a modern one. I'm brunette, and my groom a blonde, so I had them customize Peach and Mario accordingly.

Very nice topper! I'd sure give the bride a standing ovation because of this cake.

Super Mario Wedding Cakes

In addition to our lovely Super Mario Wedding Cakes collection, here's another triple layered cake with lots of turtle shells and that nasty popping piranha flower enemy of Mario. This one's also posted on flicker by About the Cake. The bottom layer, as you can clearly see, is the first stage of the Super Mario Bros. game. All the way to the top layer, the cake was fully designed with Mario's enemies. And of course, the wedding cake topper, a happy looking Mario with his Princess Peach bride on top of the cake! Enjoy!

Super Mario Wedding Cakes
Super Mario Wedding CakesSuper Mario Wedding Cakes
Super Mario Wedding Cakes

It's not over yet! Come and take a good look at this nicely detailed cake made by cake hobbyist Frances Clayton, posted on CakeWrecks.com - Each layer depicts the different stages in the Super Mario Bros. game. From land, to the tunnel, under the sea, and into the sky, this four layered wedding cake just takes my breath away!

Super Mario Wedding Cakes
Super Mario Wedding Cakes

Now check out it's awesome side cakes!

Super Mario Wedding Cakes

I still got more geeky wedding cakes to show you!

I got this from photo collections of Jessica and Brians's Wedding.

Super Mario Wedding Cakes

Here's one posted on The Tanooki:

Super Mario Wedding Cakes

Got this from the Cynical-C Blog:

Super Mario Wedding Cakes

Lastly, another nicely-detailed Super Mario Wedding Cake from Celebration Generation's Geek Out collection:

Super Mario Wedding Cakes

Wait, wait! I still got some more to show you! Though these aren't wedding cakes, these pretty little Mario cupcakes are perfect addition to your Super Mario themed Wedding Cake:

These pictures are from Ana Fuji's flicker photostream.

Mario Cupcakes - Ana FujiMario Cupcakes - Ana FujiMario Cupcakes - Ana FujiMario Cupcakes - Ana Fuji

A couple of cute little Mario cupcakes posted on flicker in debbiedoescakes' photostream.

Mario Cupcakes - debbiedoescakesMario Cupcakes - debbiedoescakes

Pictures posted by Hello Naomi on flicker.

Mario Cupcakes - hello naomiMario Cupcakes - hello naomi

Pictures posted by clevercupcakes on flicker.

Mario Cupcakes - clevercupcakes

Mario Cupcakes - clevercupcakesMario Cupcakes - clevercupcakes
Mario Cupcakes - clevercupcakesMario Cupcakes - clevercupcakes
Mario Cupcakes - clevercupcakesMario Cupcakes - clevercupcakes
Mario Cupcakes - clevercupcakesMario Cupcakes - clevercupcakes

Pictures posted by alicebluebonnet on flicker.

Mario Cupcakes - alicebluebonnetMario Cupcakes - alicebluebonnetMario Cupcakes - alicebluebonnet

All these deliciously prepared wedding cakes and cupcakes made me really hungry now! It sure is nice to see, once in a while, a couple that would go beyond the ordinary for the sake of their love.