Friday, January 14, 2011

Elegant Italian Wedding Dresses: Luisa Sposa's Collection

Category: Italian Wedding Dresses

The first time I visited Luisa Sposa's Collection of Italian wedding dresses, I was amazed at the elegance of its designs and colors. The beautiful tailoring of laces and embroidery can make any woman's wedding day complete and unforgettable.

Since 1989, Luisa Lotti is responsible for the creation and tailoring of wedding dresses, to make memorable the most important day in the life of every woman.
Here's the very fist Italian wedding dress that I loved at Luisa Sposa's Collection:

Italian Wedding Dress - Luisa Sposa Italian

Wait, there's more! Looking at Luisa Sposa's Italian wedding dress collection makes me want to enroll at a dress making class. It really inspired me! But unfortunately, tailoring isn't my forte, so I'll just take a look at these beautiful wedding gowns and imaging wearing them!

These elegant Italian wedding dresses has already gone to many places; from Milano to Roma, Tokio, Atene, Dublino, and New York! Who knows, maybe in your closet as well :)