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Carlo's Creations: The Perfect Wedding Cakes

Hoboken, New Jersey, the home of the famous Carlo's Bakery! They make amazing cakes and pastries that New Jersey love and very proud of. And yes, they also make great wedding cakes.

Carlo's Bakery is one of New Jersey's famous bakeshop and TLC's top rated TV show, Cake Boss! Owner, Bartolo “Buddy” Valastro Jr., along with his family, has been taking cake of the business after his father, Bartolo Sr. passed away in 1994. Buddy's been baking award winning cakes and pastries since then.

If you're looking for a gorgeous customized wedding cake, whether modern, whimsical or just plain weird and if you leave near Hoboken, Carlo's Bakery is the right place to go to! Check out some of excellent Buddy's wedding cakes below:

The Classic Butter Cream Wedding Cakes 
Are you a butter cream lover? The classic wedding cake made in butter cream isn't outdated, check out these awesome creations of Buddy.

Want flowers on your Wedding Cake?  
It's what many bride would prefer, a scrumptious wedding cake with a touch of nature!

Fondant your Cake!
It's what many bride these days would love to have for their wedding, not just because of its smooth look but also the creativity you can do with it. Fondant is so flexible, you can make little buildings, houses and figures from it.

The modern and unique Wedding Cakes! 
If you want to go unique, modern or simple weird on your wedding cake, Carlo's Bakery can sure whip up the perfect one for you.


 (All images on this blog post are owned by Carlo's Bake Shop, www.CarlosBakery.com, visit the official website for more delicious cakes, enjoy!)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Is There a Right Age to Get Married?

Category: Marriage

Homer and Marge - Is there a right age to get married?
As what our parents and grandparents used to say, "You should get married at the right age." But when is the right age to get hitched? Long ago, women used to get married when they reach the age of 17 or 18, and when you’re in the middle twenties, people already consider you spinster*. Yeah, a lot of spinsters back then and a lot of teenager moms. But today, getting pregnant as a teen is a really big issue for the society. 

In our modern world today, more and more women are properly educated and the myth about spinsters at the age of twenties is no longer seen as the late age for marriage. Women today would rather finish college, get a job and earn money before getting married.

The Right Time to Get Married

Lisa's Wedding - Is there a right age to get married?
So, is there a right age to get married, then and now? The answer there is a clear NONE. The reason why women then get married when they're still a teen is because of our traditions, not to mention, the treatment and regard for women back then is very little compared to the treatment and respect for men.

These days, a modern woman thinks and decides for herself at her own free will, free from restrains from her parents or guardians, and even from the elders in the clan. Thinking and deciding still includes respect for her elders and parents or guardians, but a modern woman has the power to run her life and choose who to marry and when to get married.

Getting Hitched?

Homer and Marge Wedding Cake TopperIf you’re planning to get married this year or in the near future, make sure you’re physically and mentally prepared for it. It doesn’t matter if you’re still in your early twenties, what’s important is that you understand the path you’re taking, and make sure you finish college. Because in our world today, in order to be successful in your career is either you get a degree or a brilliant brain that even three college graduate Joes can’t match.

It’s you’re decision to go traditional (marriage before getting pregnant or marriage at a very early age), follow the trend, or follow your guts. But remember, these days, a woman's chances of having children decreases the older she gets.

So again, is there a right age to get married? Well, it depends on the person being asked. But if you ask me, I’d gladly answer you with, “none,” as long as you understand the path you’re taking and that you’re physically and mentally prepared for what’s heading your way.

* Spinster: An unmarried adult female.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dragons Fantasy Wedding Cake Toppers and Favors

Category: Fantasy Wedding Cake Toppers and Favors

Got a thing for dragons? These dragon fantasy wedding cake toppers and favors are perfect for gothic, fantasy or medieval themed weddings. They might not be an edible part of your wedding cake, but they can be cool displays in your living room after the wedding.

Dragon Fantasy Wedding Cake Toppers

Dragon Fantasy Wedding Cake Toppers

Dragon Fantasy Wedding Cake Toppers

You think these toppers are cool, check out what's below.

Dragon Fantasy Wedding Favors

Dragon Fantasy Wedding Favors

Dragon Fantasy Wedding Favors

These are dragon toasting glasses, great as wedding favors! You got the dragon topper, the dragon favor toasting glasses, now all you need is a highly skilled wedding cake baker to whip you up a gorgeous dragon fantasy wedding cake to complete the set!

Fantasy Themed Wedding Cake Toppers

Category: Fantasy Wedding Cake Toppers

Many woman dreamed of having a fantasy-themed wedding. Fairies, princesses, a prince on a white horse, mermaids and much more! Usually it's the groom who suffers because he has to wear a silly costume instead of the traditional wedding attire. Of course, every groom wants his bride-to-be very happy on their special day.

Love Springs Eternal

A beautiful fairy couple embracing each other, never to separate, symbolizing eternal love. What can be more dramatic and romantic than this topper?! Every girl at your wedding will envy this fancy wedding cake topper, except for the non-fantasy lovers, of course.

Love Springs Eternal Fantasy Wedding Cake Toppers

Entwined Mermaid

Been dreaming of sirens since you were a kid? Well you'll love this mermaid topper! This fantasy wedding cake topper is perfect for gothic and Greek mythology themed weddings. You can even throw a short story about sirens of the sea and the mighty sailors who tried to conquer them to make your wedding more interesting.

Entwined Mermaid Fantasy Wedding Cake Toppers

A Frog Once Loved a Turtle

Now this is so romantic! A noble knight kissing a beautiful fairy sitting on top of a mushroom. She could be a tree nymph, a guardian of the forest or the queen of the fairies! This fantasy wedding cake topper is sure to make your girl friends envy.

A Frog Once Loved a Turtle Fantasy Wedding Cake Toppers

If you didn't liked the above couple toppers, check out these two below:

Fairy Bride - Fantasy Wedding Cake Toppers
Fairy Groom - Fantasy Wedding Cake Toppers

A fairy bride and groom wearing traditional wedding attire, except that the groom sorta have a black cape to compliment his black wings. Check out more of these wedding cake toppers at WeddingCollectibles.com.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Elegant Italian Wedding Dresses: Luisa Sposa's Collection

Category: Italian Wedding Dresses

The first time I visited Luisa Sposa's Collection of Italian wedding dresses, I was amazed at the elegance of its designs and colors. The beautiful tailoring of laces and embroidery can make any woman's wedding day complete and unforgettable.

Since 1989, Luisa Lotti is responsible for the creation and tailoring of wedding dresses, to make memorable the most important day in the life of every woman.
Here's the very fist Italian wedding dress that I loved at Luisa Sposa's Collection:

Italian Wedding Dress - Luisa Sposa Italian

Wait, there's more! Looking at Luisa Sposa's Italian wedding dress collection makes me want to enroll at a dress making class. It really inspired me! But unfortunately, tailoring isn't my forte, so I'll just take a look at these beautiful wedding gowns and imaging wearing them!

These elegant Italian wedding dresses has already gone to many places; from Milano to Roma, Tokio, Atene, Dublino, and New York! Who knows, maybe in your closet as well :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Cute Pacman Wedding Cake

Category: Geeky Wedding Cakes

Here's a simple and cute Pacman wedding cake you're gonna love! So, all Pacman lovers out there, here's a nice cake to inspire you if you're planning for a geeky wedding of your own.

Packman Wedding Cake [Geeky]
Yet another one for my Geeky Wedding Cakes collection!

The History Beyond This Cake

The creator of this Pacman wedding cake is the groom's best friend, along with the bride-to-be, they've decided to have this cake for the wedding.

The groom is a Pacman master and the blue and yellow on the cake matches the wedding colors. Not to mention, the creator of this cake had made a crappier version of the Pacman cake for the groom years ago for his birthday.

The groom sure is lucky to have such a great friend and bride to pick the perfect cake for him!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hello Kitty Wedding Gowns

Category: Weird Wedding Dresses

Far to the east of Earth is Japan, the proud creator of Sanrio's Hello Kitty. Let's admit it, Hello Kitty is kinda cute, but how far would Hello Kitty lovers go just for their beloved Sanrio character? Well, here's an interesting story, they've created Hello Kitty wedding gowns too! And it's filed under my "Weird Wedding Dresses" collection. Sorry for the Hello Kitty lovers out there, I've got no issues with Hello Kitty, but this is way too far.

Weird Wedding Dresses - Hello Kitty

Weird Wedding Dresses - Hello Kitty

Weird Wedding Dresses - Hello Kitty

Weird Wedding Dresses - Hello Kitty

Weird Wedding Dresses - Hello Kitty

If you're planning to have a Hello Kitty themed wedding, here's a matching tuxedo for your husband-to-be! I'm just not sure if he'll like it though, better ask first, you wouldn't want a World of Warcraft themed wedding arranged by him without your consent, unless you're also as WOW enthusiast.

Weird Wedding Dresses - Hello Kitty Tuxedo

Weird Wedding Dresses - Hello Kitty TuxedoWeird Wedding Dresses - Hello Kitty Tuxedo

Resource: Sanrio Town Blog

Monday, May 31, 2010