Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fantasy Themed Wedding Cake Toppers

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Many woman dreamed of having a fantasy-themed wedding. Fairies, princesses, a prince on a white horse, mermaids and much more! Usually it's the groom who suffers because he has to wear a silly costume instead of the traditional wedding attire. Of course, every groom wants his bride-to-be very happy on their special day.

Love Springs Eternal

A beautiful fairy couple embracing each other, never to separate, symbolizing eternal love. What can be more dramatic and romantic than this topper?! Every girl at your wedding will envy this fancy wedding cake topper, except for the non-fantasy lovers, of course.

Love Springs Eternal Fantasy Wedding Cake Toppers

Entwined Mermaid

Been dreaming of sirens since you were a kid? Well you'll love this mermaid topper! This fantasy wedding cake topper is perfect for gothic and Greek mythology themed weddings. You can even throw a short story about sirens of the sea and the mighty sailors who tried to conquer them to make your wedding more interesting.

Entwined Mermaid Fantasy Wedding Cake Toppers

A Frog Once Loved a Turtle

Now this is so romantic! A noble knight kissing a beautiful fairy sitting on top of a mushroom. She could be a tree nymph, a guardian of the forest or the queen of the fairies! This fantasy wedding cake topper is sure to make your girl friends envy.

A Frog Once Loved a Turtle Fantasy Wedding Cake Toppers

If you didn't liked the above couple toppers, check out these two below:

Fairy Bride - Fantasy Wedding Cake Toppers
Fairy Groom - Fantasy Wedding Cake Toppers

A fairy bride and groom wearing traditional wedding attire, except that the groom sorta have a black cape to compliment his black wings. Check out more of these wedding cake toppers at


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