Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Carlo's Creations: The Perfect Wedding Cakes

Hoboken, New Jersey, the home of the famous Carlo's Bakery! They make amazing cakes and pastries that New Jersey love and very proud of. And yes, they also make great wedding cakes.

Carlo's Bakery is one of New Jersey's famous bakeshop and TLC's top rated TV show, Cake Boss! Owner, Bartolo “Buddy” Valastro Jr., along with his family, has been taking cake of the business after his father, Bartolo Sr. passed away in 1994. Buddy's been baking award winning cakes and pastries since then.

If you're looking for a gorgeous customized wedding cake, whether modern, whimsical or just plain weird and if you leave near Hoboken, Carlo's Bakery is the right place to go to! Check out some of excellent Buddy's wedding cakes below:

The Classic Butter Cream Wedding Cakes 
Are you a butter cream lover? The classic wedding cake made in butter cream isn't outdated, check out these awesome creations of Buddy.

Want flowers on your Wedding Cake?  
It's what many bride would prefer, a scrumptious wedding cake with a touch of nature!

Fondant your Cake!
It's what many bride these days would love to have for their wedding, not just because of its smooth look but also the creativity you can do with it. Fondant is so flexible, you can make little buildings, houses and figures from it.

The modern and unique Wedding Cakes! 
If you want to go unique, modern or simple weird on your wedding cake, Carlo's Bakery can sure whip up the perfect one for you.


 (All images on this blog post are owned by Carlo's Bake Shop, www.CarlosBakery.com, visit the official website for more delicious cakes, enjoy!)